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hei dalet gimel beyt aleph

In Part One you'll discover how much fun it is to learn the Aleph Bet! With Part Two you'll soon read Hebrew fluently and accurately. Add on Part Three to read prayers and Biblical Hebrew. In Part Four, you'll start speaking Hebrew! We invite you to preview all of the books and supplements in the program. You can preview the Read Hebrew Primer here. Here is our Flash Card supplement.


Who uses the program?

Read Hebrew Now is used by schools, tutors, home-school families, adults and anyone planning to speak Hebrew or read the Hebrew Bible. Teens, tots and their parents are learning to read Hebrew together. View some of our testimonials from happy users.

How do I get started?

Subscribe for instant access to the complete Read Hebrew Now program. Subscribers can view and download any of the online books to start reading, writing and speaking Hebrew. Schools have a complete online Hebrew Reading Resource Room at their fingertips! In our Store, you can buy books together with posters. See all of the story book pictures here in our popular Aleph Bet poster!  Get The Aleph Bet Story book app.  It's free in the App Store! Please contact us with questions.


Friendly, fun and easy to use.

Download our books to your iPad, iPhone or Android-based tablet and you'll discover that Hebrew reading practice is easy to do and easy on the eye. Activities can be done right on the screen! Add audio support by simply downloading the accompanying MP3s from the Read Hebrew Now site. Visit our instructional videos to learn more about the program. Audio support and videos are free!

Download the Aleph Bet Rock Song. With its catchy melody, you'll soon know the Aleph Bet!

"My 12 year old son and I have both completed Sarah, David and You Read Hebrew: Book One using the audio from the website. I love Lily's voice! I love the program and find it's so nicely done. Thanks for all you put together. Finally we can learn Hebrew with ease." --Kassie







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